CATIA | CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design
This tutorial textbook is an essential companion to using CATIA v5 to assist with computer-aided design. Using clear CAD examples, it demonstrates the various ways this versatile software has the potential to aid engineers in 3D modelling. Based on 20 years of teaching experience, the authors present methods of using CATIA v5 to model solid and surface parts, parametric and families of parts, reconstruction of surfaces, creation of macros, how to apply various tools and their options during the 3D modelling. Importantly, the book will also help readers to discover a lot of new modelling solutions and approaches to solve common issues within design engineering. With a comprehensive approach, the book is suitable for both beginners and those with a good grasp of CATIA v5. Including an end chapter with questions and solutions for self-assessment, the book will also include 3D modelling practice problems, presented in the form of 2D engineering drawings of many 3D parts in both orthogonal and isometric views. Using the knowledge gained through reading the book chapters, users will learn how to approach surfaces and solids as 3D models using CATIA v5. The book provides detailed explanations, using clear figures, annotations and links to video tutorials. This book is the ideal companion for any student or engineer using CATIA v5, in industries including automotive, naval, aerospace and design engineering.
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CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design


CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design

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CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design

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Update 14 april – 3 october 2022: The book is available worldwide for pre-order:
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The American Book Center:$9781032250069
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Choose a bookstore and place a pre-order. More information will be available very soon as the production process progresses.
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Update 23 september 2022:
The book can be found in the libraries of major universities:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
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Update 11 august 2022:
We are thrilled to announce that the book “CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design” has entered the final stage of production and that it will be available at the beginning of October 2022 in all major bookstore networks in the world, like: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Indigo, Ex Libris, Ubuy, Foyles, etc. Please check the links above if you are searching for a specific bookstore.
This book is a part of the series of CAD tutorial books that presents the basic and advanced characteristics and working possibilities of modern computer aided design software solution CATIA v5.
This tutorial book is intended to be used by students from faculties with a mechanical or industrial engineering profile, but also by design engineers from various industries (automotive, aerospace, military, heavy machinery, medical technology, etc.). Whether they are beginners or have a good experience in using CATIA v5, reading all written tutorials will help them to understand, upgrade and improve their knowledge and then to apply proved 3D modelling methods.
Based on our 20+ years of teaching experience, we structured and wrote this book focusing on hybrid 3D modelling of many interesting parts. Each tutorial is a challenge for the reader and gradually presents different 3D modelling techniques, carefully explained and accompanied by clear figures, with annotations for a better understanding of the context. All explanations and the included collection of 3D examples at the end of the book, in all their diversity, are carefully selected to cover additional options and some of them are followed by links to video tutorials.
Readers should note that the length and distance dimensions are in millimeters and the angular dimensions are in degrees. All other parameters, such as radii, areas and volumes, also use the metric system.
We made a consistent effort and passionately created all the written and video tutorials presented in this book, with a great attention to details.
We hope that this book, by its content, will rise to the level of exigency that we set ourselves from the beginning and to be useful to all those who will have the curiosity and need to open it and learn from our knowledge.
About the book: Language: English, First edition 2022, No. of pages: 556, 1028 B/W Illustrations, Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 17.8, Hardcover, print ISBN 9781032250069, eBook ISBN 9781003281153,, Publication location: Boca Raton, Florida, USA, Imprint: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis.

Update 7 april 2022: At this moment, the book is in production: text to be fitted in pages with figures, small changes, creation of the covers etc. We are very happy to provide the first link to follow to receive more informations: Also, we have a date when the book will be available for community: 5 October 2022, but pre-orders start on 14 September 2022. Please be sure you’ll follow this thick and shiny book, we all made it with passion, deep knowledge and desire to be really useful to our buyers. Almost 600 pages and more than 1000 figures cannot wait to be discovered and to be used as a good companion by the beginner or advanced users in their learning path of the CATIA v5 wonder.

Update 19 january 2022: Following the content, structure and success of the book CATIA v5. Parametric design and programming applications, published in Romanian in August 2021, the new book CATIA v5. Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design will be completed in the spring of 2022 and will be published in the fall of 2022 by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group.
The book will contain 25 interesting applications of solid and surface modelling, 5 applications of parametric modelling using formulas and design tables, 2 applications for modelling the sheet metal parts, a chapter on programming, automation and scripting, 75 tests and questions for assessing knowledge, along with detailed answers and applications proposed for individual study.
The graphic part of the book is impressive, containing over 950 figures with details, annotations and explanations for a great user experience. More than 400 pages can’t wait to be discovered and read by enthusiastic users.
The authors wish to highlight the content of this book and pass it on to the CATIA v5 user community. They work with passion and professionalism to create new content, all is explained in detail, so that the book will be very accessible to all categories of users from beginners to advanced.

Update 19 november 2021: the first 10 applications of 30 (desired number, but it is not final) are done, put on hold for checking and refining. Some 3-4 new applications are already written and translated from Romanian to English. On a first calculus, the number of figures so far is over 760.

20 october 2021
We announce that we have signed a contract with CRC Press, an imprint of Taylor and Francis, to publish a textbook titled CATIA v5: Advanced Parametric and Hybrid 3D Design, authors: Ionut Gabriel Ghionea, Cristian Tarba and Saša Ćuković.

Following on the content from our Romanian language textbook, this new book will publish in English and will also include new applications of solid and surface modelling. Currently due to print in late 2022, the book will be an essential and excellent companion to learn how to use CATIA v5.

We hope that this book, by its content, will rise to the level of exigency that we set ourselves from the beginning and to be really useful to all those who will have the curiosity and need to open it and learn from our knowledge.
The book will be available worldwide in printed and ebook format.

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